Thank you for considering Precision Radiotherapy for your healthcare needs.

Appointments / Consultations

Thank you for considering Precision Radiotherapy for your healthcare needs. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional patient care. Because of the specific nature and complexity of the services we provide, patients must have a consultation with one of our physicians prior to being referred to the center.

What to expect

Consultation. Your first visit is called a consultation. You will meet with the Radiation Oncologist to review your history, perform a physical exam, and discuss your treatment options.

Simulation. If you are to undergo radiation treatment, you will be scheduled for a planning session, known as a simulation. CT or MRI scans are taken to know the exact size and location of your tumor.

Immobilization. The next step is to create a custom fit plastic mold or facemask to hold your body completely still during treatment. Marks may be made on your skin to help with alignment. Do not wash these off.

Treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, you will return to the center every day for a number of weeks. Most people are able to continue their normal schedule. Some may need to adjust their level of activity, listen to your body. Good nutrition and plenty of sleep is essential to promote healing and recovery. Take care of your skin and report any rash or reaction to the nurse.

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Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

If you have questions, please feel free to ask anyone on our staff, or be sure to speak with your therapist before or anytime during the examination. We are here for you.

Loraine Henderson, Manager of Business Operations